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Welcome to WesTower

WesTower was founded in 1990 as a tower design and construction company.   Over the last 25 years WesTower has grown to become the largest self-performing services provider in Canada. The WesTower team is comprised of the most experienced telecom professionals in the industry with a deep commitment to providing our clients with the highest standards in safety, quality and on-time delivery.


WesTower employs a group of dedicated safety professionals who are focused on educating all employees about workplace Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and the focus which we place on this matter. All work related activities participate in pre-task planning based on job hazard analysis’ with appropriate supervision. In addition, all subcontractors are required to implement WesTower’s safety and health policies to ensure our exceptional level of safety performance.


WesTower’s field employees are actively involved in joint site safety audits, inspections and management walk downs of field activities including monitoring compliance and identifying potential hazards. Training and auditing is a continual process at WesTower and covers all aspects of work procedures, equipment installations, and adherence to industry standards and regulations.


WesTower team members receive regular training and auditing of a wide range of safety practices and standards including but not limited to; Fall Protection, Competent Climber, Competent Rescue, RF Radiation, Rigging, Hoists, Gin Poles, and First Aid.


WesTower’s comprehensive safety policy not only ensures safe practices in the places we work but also in the communities we pass through while going to and from the locations we perform for our clients.


Our commitment to safety assures everyone goes home safely to their family at the end of each day.


In addition, our partners benefit from savings and decreased costs resulting in minimized operational risks and liability as well as unnecessary delays from accident-related down time.



WesTower Quality! is dedicated to the idea that zero defects in all aspects of our business is an achievable goal that gives our clients a competitive advantage in achieving the highest ratings in their end-user customer satisfaction scores.  We strive to continually meet the goal of zero defects and 100% quality ratings.


WesTower’s 'Experience That Works' in the delivery of Quality services for clients, both large and small, is part of the reason WesTower has grown year after to year over the last 25 years to become the largest   telecommunications focused services provider in Canada.



Whether you’re looking to have a single site upgraded or a nationwide program implemented, WesTower has the experience and the scalability to ensure that your On-Time Delivery and Time-to-Market needs are met.

WesTower’s 'Experience That Works' frequently brings recognition to WesTower for hitting ‘On Air’ targets with greater consistency and higher per market performance than our competitors while continuing to maintain all safety standards and delivering the installation quality required for the integrated networks of today.  With a footprint that spans across the Canada, WesTower executes project and program initiatives throughout the entire Design, Engineer, Deploy and Intallation to ensure that carriers and OEMs are able to build out the network to meet the bandwidth and technology demands of their customers.



Now entering its 26th year of operations, WesTower has been and remains at the forefront of the mobile revolution by being among the first to design, deploy, maintain and upgrade those networks.  While other companies have come and gone, WesTower’s deep industry experience and a quarter century of local, regional, and North American expertise provides our clients an unmatched peace of mind that their Safety, Quality, On-Time Delivery and Time-to-Market goals will be met today and in the future just as we have over the last 25 years.



Reliable, Dependable, Capable


Over the last 25 years, WesTower has built a leading reputation in the industry for being the go-to deployment partner for the ‘tough jobs’ and for the consistency of large scale processes and project management needed for program management.


Carriers and OEMs depend upon WesTower to meet their key metrics in Safety, Quality and On-Time Delivery and have increasingly turned to WesTower as we’ve expanded our services offerings to meet our customers ever changing demands.