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About Us

Learn about our history, mission and values, team, health & safety initiatives, and our parent company.

WesTower has been around over 30 years and what we are much different than our competition is we’re very diversified. So WesTower has a Wireless Communications division, a Wireline Communications division, Professional Services division, a Fabrication division, and a Technical Services division.

We do everything from install civil foundations, to building out our own products, to building shelters, and what WesTower has is that it offers a diversified service for the carriers where we work amongst their entire networks, not just segments of it.

-Wireless and Wireline Communication Divisions-

What we’ve done over the last while is diversify ourselves organically into that segment as well as acquire two companies. It’s a growing segment—it’s connecting people through fiber and both aerial underground. Really exciting, an opportunity for us to grow and strengthen the company with more diversified services.


With fabrication it’s a diversified business again for us. We’re the only diversified fabricator in the country, meaning that we have a location in BC, a location in Alberta, and a location in Ontario. We diversify our products out within telecom and non-telecom so it’s an exciting environment, it’s a great business, absolute top focus on quality and delivery and schedules.

-Civil Construction-

The civil construction side we also diversify into shelter construction. Again, very unique for us because it’s one of the segments we offer—and all of our segments combined are broken apart to most competition, but not universally held by one company. We bring that together because we want to work on the shelters, develop the site completely from front to back, and also have our technicians work in the shelters before they’re deployed. And the concept is speed of deployment for the carriers—so if we can build it all here, wire it here, power it here, get it ready here, and deploy it to site and virtually plug it in turn it on, then the carriers have the rapid response to market.


Within WesTower, because we have our own fabrication facilities and we do a lot of civil construction work, we get called upon by the carriers as experts in the industry on a lot of fronts, and one of them is our engineering segment. We have a tremendous depth of knowledge, whether it be our libraries or our personnel, about the structures, what they’ve gone through, the changes and the evolution of them, so we’re looked upon as that expert industry leading expert for engineering services. And what we’ve done over the last while is build that into a business, so that the engineers supported this professional path to engineers, and there’s a real segment there where they’re on their own journey, and we have our own strategy around engineering services development.

–Technical Services-

Within everything we do there is obviously a technical component to it, so although we weld, and we erect, and we worked through the strong civil side of the construction of it, there is a very complex technical aspect of working on sites, and connecting networks, and maintaining networks. So we’ve diversified into strategy around technical services, hiring and developing technicians, electricians in our organization and providing that service to the clientele. There is an aging population of that knowledge, and we’re trying to grasp that, train that, and hand that down to the younger population that’s working to replace that technical group, and it’s something we again want to provide to all of our clientele universally so they have that support and service.

-Geographical Reach-

Right now WesTower operates coast to coast to coast because we involve ourselves all the way to the Arctic, but we also diversify ourselves in North America heading to the United States, we do a little bit of work international. It’s an opportunistic industry because telecommunications connects the entire world and we work across all those geographies and all those areas we continue to expand our services and expand our personnel. This is a company that continues to grow and will continue to grow every day. We are engaged in one of the fastest paced technology races in the globe, and the concept of connecting people with greater speeds, and dependability on those speeds, and the movement of data is absolutely core. And we find ourselves in a position of ‘the future is optimistic’—it’s bright, and we have a strong support from our parent company, a great employee base to work with, and an absolutely unique footprint and service offering to any competition we have out there.



We have been in telecommunications since 1990, and we are a leader within it. Our operations have grown across North America and have definitely seen some major changes in our industry during that time!

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Our Team

The company we’ve built is because of the incredible team members we have at WesTower, throughout our history, and today.


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Nathan Schauerte
President & CEO
Raymond Poon, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Ahmad Shala, P. Eng.
EVP Operational Excellence
Darren Mann
EVP Operations, West
Alain Stafford
EVP Operations, East
Leon Leroux
EVP Network Development

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People drive the success of our business. Our team may have grown to over 500 people located in offices across the country, but we still know what matters: close team relationships and treating everyone as though their skills and talents matter—because they do to WesTower!

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Health & Safety is our top priority

Keeping our employees safe is the first and last thing that underlies our decision-making. Training and auditing our safety procedures are at the core of our strategy to keep every one of our employees safe at work.

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Our Projects

What connects WesTower’s skills and services, our clients, and the success of a project is the high expectations for customer service that we have for everyone in the organization. We provide the experience and scalability for technical requirements, time-to-market needs, and so we deliver excellent work, on-time and on-budget.

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  • “I want to thank WesTower for delivering on every aspect of the Project. I cannot recommend WesTower Communications highly enough, working with your team has been a pleasure! ” – Mike
  • “We were very pleased, not only with the quality of work by WesTower, but also with the level of professionalism exhibited by all WesTower staff” – Bill
  • “I wanted to send in a good job on closing out all the jobs…the dedication to clean them up is one of many things that makes WesTower a number 1 contractor. Keep up the good work!” – Ivan

Looking for our Parent Company?

Since 2011, WesTower has been part of the Exchange Income Corporation (EIC) group of companies. We’ve enjoyed the growth, diversity, and support of our parent company and we look forward to continuing to be a strong contributor to EIC’s future success.

EIC is a publicly-traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) trading under the symbol EIF.


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