Wireless Construction & Maintenance

Full-service, comprehensive project management, construction, and technical services to manage your wireless project across the life cycle.

Building Wireless Sites from the Ground Up

We partner with our clients across North America on new site builds, maintenance, scheduled repairs, upgrades, and assistance if an unexpected repair is needed.

Project Management

We work to keep your project on-budget, on-time, and mitigate risks through our project management expertise including:

  • reporting
  • architectural and engineering design
  • procurement
  • materials management
  • budgeting
  • scheduling
  • cost tracking
  • quality control
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management

Steel & Tower Manufacturing

We have the capability to manufacture mobile and self-supporting towers, monopoles, foundation interfaces, antenna mounts, protective structures/shelters and more from one of our facilities in Elmira, ON, Thorsby, AB or Surrey, BC.

Site Development & Construction

We take into account the environmental conditions of the location, antenna loadings, the materials needed, and we strive to exceed customer specifications and CSA S37 standards to provide customers with the most efficient experience while providing the safest, most durable, and economical sites possible. Our field construction teams work closely with our Engineering Consulting Group, Fabrication, Technical Services divisions, and our clients to ensure site installations meet expectations and standards.

Site Inspections, Maintenance & Upgrades

As part of WesTower’s full turnkey experience for our clients, we inspect all of our work prior to commissioning, and are also able to conduct one-off inspections or arrange audits on a scheduled basis. To prevent downtime, our team can also conduct regular maintenance, repairs to infrastructure or equipment, and ad hoc repairs.

Connected Services

Need professional services guidance?

Your wireless tower project is in capable hands with our Engineering team who can produce engineering and construction installation plans.

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Need steel fabrication services?

From protective shelters, antenna mounts, temporary towers, and monopoles, to full-scale 3- and 4-legged towers; WesTower has steel fabrication services to accommodate standard and custom requirements.

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Need wireless tower inspections, maintenance, or upgrades?

Inspections, upgrades, maintenance, and repairs are all part of the lifecycle of a wireless tower. We provide a full suite of services to help our clients conduct these important, and legally obligatory, tasks.

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