Professional Services

WesTower’s Engineering, Drafting, and Project Management Offices support all of our telecommunication business areas.

Value-Add Engineering & Design

WesTower’s experienced engineers and structural detailers provide advice and analysis for our crews and clients on wireless & wireline construction and maintenance projects, while ensuring adherence to cost control measures.

Project Management Offices

The national WesTower Project Management Offices use proprietary in-house software to ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget, and to the quality that our customers know they can expect from us. With real-time reporting, tracking, and change management, project risk is mitigated and can be immediately addressed through clear communication.  

Customized & Site-Specific Designs

Our Engineering Consulting Group creates site designs and engineering specifications that are comprehensive and customized to site-specific requirements. We take into account the environmental conditions of the location, antenna loadings, the materials needed, and we strive to exceed customer specifications and CSA S37 standards to provide customers with the most efficient experience while providing the safest, most durable, and economical sites possible.

Experience & Certifications

WesTower’s talented engineering professionals have years of experience in the telecommunication service industry in the areas of rigging, tower, and equipment installation, inspections, and civil work. We complete projects all over North America, that means our team of engineers are licensed to practice in all Canadian provinces and territories. With engineers stationed across the country, our team can complete the most challenging engineering services and site climb audits in even the most remote locations.

Industry Engagement & Leadership

WesTower is an active member of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) S37 and Structure, Tower and Antenna Council (STAC) committees. These organizations determine the specifications, requirements, and safety standards for antennas, towers, and antenna-supporting structures.

Connected Services

Need steel fabrication services?

We can help clients manufacture durable steel wireless towers or shelters with our steel fabrication services.

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Need equipment installations, maintenance, or upgrades?

Our technical services team can ensure your infrastructure is commissioned properly and serviced through its life cycle.

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