Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, AB

5G Installation and Commissioning for a Stadium

WesTower recently completed a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta that brought full 5G connectivity to this 42-acre facility – the largest outdoor in-building project for our company to date including Project Management services thru to final commissioning and turn up the of the system.


Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, Alberta

Work Completed

Over 160 antennas

350 radios

2 new Main Equipment Rooms

42,000 metres of cable

In excess of 2,100 fiber splices

Completed during COVID-19

All health and safety protocols in place.

Bringing a 5G future to Canadian Networks

TELUS needed to implement a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta to bring full 5G connectivity to the facility. WesTower was responsible for the complete DAS build, beginning with Project Management and material procurement services through to lampsite installation, testing and final commissioning.

The project took place over a 9-month period, and finished on budget with the majority of the work occuring during COVID-19 observing all the additional health and safety protocols required. At its peak, WesTower deployed more than 20 employee as the system covered the entire 42 acre stadium complex and was implemented on a sector by sector basis, 63 sectors in all. Our teams of professionals installed over 160 antennas, 350 radios, 2 new Main Equipment Rooms, 42,000 metres of cable and in excess of 2,100 fiber splices.