Wireline Construction & Maintenance

Turnkey aerial and underground wireline construction, FTTx, engineering, comprehensive maintenance, and emergency repair services to manage your wireline and utility network across its life cycle.

Wireline Project Expertise from Design to Completion

WesTower employs highly-trained and skilled professionals to conduct customized and reliable wireline projects across Canada. 



Project Management

We understand that planning ahead, while maintaining adaptability, is key. WesTower provides clients and our team with a plan that allows them to flawlessly execute wireline installations with the right technical specifications, equipment, and foresight of any challenges that might occur during our work.

Site Construction

WesTower’s project capabilities include: aerial and underground cable installation, anchoring, underground conduit placement, equipment installation, fibre optics fusion splicing, Fibre-to-the-X (FTTx) applications, manhole installations and repairs, directional drilling, and pedestal installations.

Final Site Testing & Restoration

WesTower ensures our work is completed correctly and we confirm this through network testing before handover of every wireline job. In addition, we always conduct final restorations to return asphalt, sidewalks, and landscaping to original condition. 

Maintenance & Repairs

In addition to wireline installations, WesTower’s team can arrange and complete maintenance services for wireline infrastructure. We also have a 24/7 call center for emergency response to repair sudden issues. We ensure your operation runs smoothly with minimal disruption or downtime.

Connected Services

Need wireline inspections, maintenance, or upgrades?

Our technical services team can inspect, upgrade, or maintain your wireline project to keep it in working order for years to come.

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Need professional services guidance?

A maintenance or repair job sometimes might need some engineering and design services to guide proper construction and installation plans.

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