Fabrication Services

From protective shelter design and fabrication to entire wireless towers, WesTower has the capability and experience in steel fabrication to create standard and customized products.

Fabrication Services for Improved Adaptability & Savings

WesTower operates three steel fabrication facilities in Elmira, ON, Thorsby, AB and Surrey, BC. They are strategically located to allow us to manage workflow, meet expedited timelines, shipping constraints, and provide our company and our clients with more flexibility and cost -savings.

Experienced & Well-Equipped

WesTower offers decades of in-house, custom fabrication experience, and on-hand steel inventory allowing us to handle projects of any size.


Our engineers, experienced field technicians and fabricators all collaborate on the design and fabrication process. Our manufacturing facilities have close working relationships with local galvanizing and painting facilities, further controlling the process to obtain preferred scheduling of the end product.


WesTower fabrication professionals have Canadian Welding Bureau W47.1 and W47.2 certifications and our facilities use some of the latest equipment including:


  • Ocean Avenger MDL-1000B CNC Beam Drill Line
  • CNC Angle Line 643Q (Peddimat)
  • CNC Plasma Burn Tables (Pinnacle Whistler HP)

Manufacturing Capability

WesTower has the metalworking & welding facilities, as well as knowledgeable, qualified tradespeople to fabricate a variety of products. Every tower or part we fabricate meets S37 tower standards.


  • Foundation interfaces
  • Monopoles: 18”-72” OD, internal or external flange
  • Tri-poles
  • COW (Cellular on Wheels) and temporary towers
  • LDSS (light duty self-support towers)
  • 3-leg self-support towers: Solid round, angle or pipe leg designs available
  • 4-leg self-support towers: Able to support cupola or similar structures (for example, a lookout station for forestry applications)
  • All-weld and knockdown guy towers
  • Radar towers
  • NPRM (non-penetrating rooftop mounts)
  • Antenna mounts
  • Custom structures for any antenna mounting needs
  • Tower reinforcing materials
  • Airport runway antenna and lighting 
  • Tower hardware mounting systems

Shelter Design & Fabrication

WesTower has been manufacturing custom communication equipment and generator shelters for over 20 years. Our facilities also have the capability to create standardized or custom structural framed buildings and skids for tower builds or repair projects. Our team of skilled tradespeople (including welders, carpenters and electricians) can customize every aspect of the shelter from dimensions, door and port locations, any HVAC requirements, as well as features that take site conditions into account. 


Our shelters have been designed and constructed to be robust enough to be skidded to a work site behind a CAT, while also being light enough to be set with a helicopter if necessary. All structures we fabricate meet S37 tower standards, applicable industry or legal standards, as well as meeting client’s specifications and site-specific conditions (in terms of environment or layout).

Connected Services

Need engineering and design guidance?

Our fabrication expertise works in tandem with the Engineering Consulting Group to ensure  seamless project delivery for every client.

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Need to build a new wireless tower?

Our fabrication services are ideal for companies that need reliable prefabricated or custom steel fabrication work for wireless tower builds.

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