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We’ve grown from a small team to Canada’s largest wireless network service contractor with over 900 staff located in offices across the country. We pride ourselves on the fact that despite the national presence, we are able to retain the culture of close team relationships and camaraderie we started with 30 years ago.

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We’re a company that works through not just finding jobs but building careers. Whether it be local, whether it be other markets, other areas in the industry. We’re always trying to find an opportunity for people to come here and spend their career with us.

The ability to have the same job for 27 years seems to be a rarity in today’s world. So WesTower’s not only allowed for that, but actually allowed me to pursue a career that just gets better and better every year.

I looked at it as a huge opportunity. If you’re in for a challenge, you’re in for growth, you’re in for sustainability. And this market is really good right now for anybody that wants to build a career. This is the reason I came in, because I saw a long-term career here for myself.

What has surprised me about working at WesTower is that I’ve been able to lay the groundwork starting from a shop guy to where I am now in the engineering department. I’ve been able to experience different departments, get different skill sets, which has been a huge advantage for me with my current role in engineering.

Coming to WesTower as the largest contractor in Canada, we’re a turnkey service company so there’s so many different avenues you can fit in. With wireless construction, with engineering, with drafting, with fabrication, wireline construction so doing all the underground work, there’s so many different areas you can step your foot into whether you like it or not, we can move you around to suit, but it’s not just one position for you, there’s multiple different ways.

You get to try different skill sets, you get to travel around the country, see different landscapes.

Telecom industry has taken me to almost every province in Canada to see this great country actually, which has been fun. And it has taken me overseas to different areas such as Africa, China, and Russia.

While outside of the development and the opportunity to work amongst the divisions, we want to make sure the employees are taken care of. So we involve things like RSP matching, with our parent corporation we have a stock purchase plan, things that will help develop nest eggs, develop financial security for employees of us to spend time with us.

With the systems that we have in place for our share options and our retirement program, so if you spend enough years here you can retire easily.

Why WesTower? It’s the family mentality, the flexibility it offers, and being a part of a company that is a leader in its industry is a great advantage.

The crew that I work with is what keeps me coming back every day. It’s a really difficult, demanding job that I enjoy, but the people that I get to hang out with for 10 or 12 hours every day is really what makes it worthwhile or what makes it enjoyable.

They always have their employees’ backs, be it financially or if you need time to be with your family.

Why WesTower? Because it offers a lot of opportunity to their personnel, especially in safety, and they offer a lot of opportunities to their workers to improve their skills, and also it’s fun!

I’m with West Tower and still am because of the friendships I’ve made, it’s a good career, I’ve worked with a lot of great co-workers, and I’ve met a lot of amazing people over my career.

I’ve been in the industry for all my life. I grew up in the Telecom and was thought as a big company forever. And my wish was to one day I’ll work there. That’s it. It’s just I won’t go anywhere else basically, I tried other competitors so there’s no way I’d change.

You know from my perspective, coming to a company that we can do really amazing things with, being part of something where you’re connecting families, and communities, and loved ones, and businesses, you really feel like you’re developing something and building a product and a service that changes the way people operate, and looks towards the future.

Hear from WesTower Employees

WesTower employs some of the most skilled and highly-qualified professionals in the telecommunications industry. Hear why they recommend WesTower and what a career with us is really like.

WesTower Careers - Andrew (Field Technician)

Foreign Work Opportunities

Hear from Andrew, Aerial Field Technician, about joining WesTower as a Foreign Worker through the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

WesTower Careers - Lisa

Quality of the Crews

Hear from Lisa, Foreperson, about how the quality of WesTower’s people is what makes the work here both rewarding and enjoyable.

WesTower Careers - Conor (Engineer)

Support through your Education

Hear from Conor, Engineer, about how WesTower can support you with experience and opportunities for growth as you go through university.

Roles across Canada

Hear from Ed, VP Operations (NFLD), about how moving beyond the field in project management and corporate management can bring both national and international opportunities with WesTower.

A Company with a Strong Reputation

Hear from Cedric, Operations Manager, about how WesTower’s reputation and size lets it stand apart from others in the industry—offering a career with a future.

WesTower Careers - Brendan (Foreman)

Positions in All Service Areas

Hear from Brendan, Foreperson in the Wireless Division, about the diversity of opportunities available at WesTower across its many divisions.

Ongoing Professional Development

Hear from Stephen, Fabrication Manager, about having a fulfilling career at WesTower with ongoing professional development.

High Safety Standards in a Great Environment

Here from Andrew, Aerial Field Technician, about the high level of safety and great working environment in Canada with WesTower. (Video in Filipino.)

Working Here

WesTower offers exciting careers in Engineering and Design, Fabrication, Construction, Project Management, and Maintenance Services that offer a competitive salary, great benefits, and ongoing opportunities for professional development and training.

A career is more than a paycheque, it is what you put your effort, sweat, and heart into every day. We understand and honour that with a variety of benefits and incentives for our employees.

Competitive Wages

We look for the best technicians, engineers, administrators, and operations people in the business. We also believe in paying them honest wages with their experience and skills.


Living Out Allowances

There are times when WesTower’s work environments require technicians to work away from home. When that is the case, WesTower provides a paid living out allowance to compensate for cost of living and food.

Paid Holidays

WesTower recognizes all statutory and civil holidays and pays them out to all eligible employees according to federal labour standards.

Comprehensive Benefits

In accordance with company policies and procedures, WesTower employees are eligible to enroll in our extended health, extended dental, short-term, and long-term disability benefits. Spouses and dependents are also eligible to enroll in our extended health and extended dental program.

RPP Matching

We know that saving for retirement is an important goal. We encourage our employees to prepare for the future through an RPP. RPP starts six months after employment with 4% match at opening.

Stock Options in EIC

There’s no better way to feel as though you have a stake in the day-to-day success of a company than holding stocks. We provide stock options in our parent company Exchange Income Corporation (TSX: EIF) for our employees after six months of employment.

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Extensive Training

WesTower provides opportunities to further develop your skill set and grow your career. You will undergo safety and job-related training that will prepare you for advancement within our company or will serve you well no matter where your career in the telecommunications industry may take you.

Additional Opportunities with EIC

WesTower is proud to be a part of the Exchange Income Corporation (EIC) group of companies. To explore additional job opportunities available with WesTower’s sister companies, visit EIC’s intercompany job-sharing portal.


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