Project Caribou to install new towers in the Lower North Shore region

The Caribou project by TELUS Mobility and Plan Nord consisted of installing new towers in the Lower North Shore region of Quebec to provide reliable internet & cellular network connectivity for local communities. This installation was particularly important as it brought high speed internet and cellular connections for the first time to Chevery, Baie des Mutons and La Tabatière.

Project Information

Services Provided

Wireless Construction

Professional Services

Technical Services

TELUS Mobility and the Plan Nord economic development strategy

3 projects completed together

Lower North Shore (Basse-Côte-Nord) Region, Quebec

Work Completed

Supply and installation of rock foundations

Supply and installation of new towers

Installation of antennas and transmission lines

Site Commissioning

Logistical challenge as the materials had to be transported by boat, and WesTower employees by plane & helicopter

Helping Bridge the Digital Divide

The deployment of the TELUS 5G and 4G network in the Lower North Shore connected 2,000 households to high speed Internet and mobile phone services for the first time. Through collaboration with the Government of Canada, Government of Québec, and the Société du Plan Nord, this network initiative marked one of TELUS’ and WesTower’s largest digital infrastructure projects north of the 49th parallel to date, helping bridge the digital divide by connecting the Lower North Shore and its businesses, healthcare centres, and schools to the rest of the world.

The local communities greatly thanked us for what we have done there. And from our departure, we saw that the villagers were delighted with the service.

WesTower was pleased to further contribute to these communities by donating $25,000 to the Fondation Docteur Camille-Marcoux for the distribution of immersive audiovisual technology to schools in the Lower North Shore in collaboration with TELUS and the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation.