Two Hills 300 Foot Structure Removal

October 14, 2017

Written by lsimants

WesTower was notified by their client that a 300-structure built in 1965 had severe corrosion issues and was deemed unclimbable. Working with our client the decision was made that the tower needed to be dropped.


During the lead up to drop day, WTC crews preassembled and staged the new tower, prepped the permanent antenna, temp antenna, RRUS etc…


On drop day, power and fiber were disconnected from the shelter, which was moved out of the way to ensure it wasn’t damaged.


The old tower was dropped exactly where the crew had planned, the new tower installation started immediately and WTC was able to install temp antenna at 60m within 28 hours.


This beat our expectations by 3 days!


The rest of the permanent installation was completed within a couple of days of the temp on-air date.


Great job team!

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