Banff National Park, AB

Outside Plant Fibre Optic Build brings fibre connectivity to Sunshine Village Ski Resort

The Sunshine Village Outside Plant (OSP) fibre optic build was an 8,300 metre underground installation in Banff National Park. WesTower was fully responsible for the build – from material procurement to bringing a fully tested fibre network online – all while protecting the natural surrounding environment.

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Sunshine Village Ski Resort

Parks Canada

8,300 metre underground outside plant (OSP) fibre optic installation

Banff National Park, Alberta

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First private fibre build completed by WesTower

Completed during COVID-19

All health and safety protocols in place.

Bringing robust connectivity to Canada's flagship national park while protecting its natural splendor

The Sunshine Village OSP fibre optic build was an 8300 metre underground installation spanning from the Healy Brewster parking lot, near the Trans-Canada Highway, to the base gondola station at Sunshine Ski Village, situated in Banff National Park. As the build took place between June 2020 to August 2020, additional COVID-19 policies and precautions were in place to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for both WesTower employees and partners.

This is Sunshine Village’s first mainline fibre connection, letting it offer hosting capabilities and additional key services in the future to its customers.

WesTower was responsible for an end-to-end OSP build, beginning with material procurement and finishing with a fully tested fibre network. A variety of installation methods were used to complete both the conduit and fibre placement; horizontal directional drilling, plowing, trenching, and fibre blowing. Challenges included visiting wildlife and mountainous terrain.

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Sunshine Village, AB
“I want to thank WesTower for delivering on every aspect of the Project. I cannot recommend WesTower Communications highly enough, working with your team has been a pleasure! ”
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