WesTower gives back to the Lower North Shore

November 10, 2021

Written by Communications

Learn more about the Caribou Project for reliable cellular and internet in the Lower North Shore


WesTower is delighted to announce a donation of $25,000 to the Fondation Docteur Camille-Marcoux for the distribution of immersive audiovisual technology to schools in the Lower North Shore in collaboration with TELUS and the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation.

This donation follows WesTower’s recent infrastructure deployment of the TELUS 5G and 4G network in the Lower North Shore earlier this year, which connected 2,000 households to high speed Internet and mobile phone services for the first time. Through collaboration with the Government of Canada, Government of Québec, and the Société du Plan Nord, this network initiative marked one of TELUS’ and WesTower’s largest digital infrastructure projects north of the 49th parallel to date, helping bridge the digital divide by connecting the Lower North Shore and its businesses, healthcare centres, and schools to the rest of the world.

“We’re pleased to not only be a partner in building the infrastructure for this exciting project, but to also be contributing $25,000 to the Fondation Docteur Camille-Marcoux,” said Nathan Schauerte, President and CEO of WesTower Communications. “Our team spared no effort in our work with TELUS to deploy the high speed wireless network in the Lower North Shore region, braving the harsh weather and complex logistics of working in this isolated area, including incorporating creative solutions like bringing equipment in by boat and helicopter. Supporting education for young people in the region was a perfectly natural next step in our commitment to promoting economic development and connecting the communities of the Lower North Shore.”

To learn more about this exciting collaboration for the Lower North Shore, read TELUS’ announcement here.

Connecting Quebec’s Lower North Shore to high-speed Internet means providing 600 students in isolated communities and Innu territories with immersive learning opportunities. In collaboration with the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, we’re contributing with a donation of $25,000 for the distribution of 10 Lü systems to schools on the Lower North Shore.


This initiative is part of a partnership with Lü, the Centre de services scolaires du Littoral, the Institut Tshakapesh, WesTower, Nokia, Madysta and the Docteur Camille-Marcoux Foundation.

Teaching in a small community can be a challenge.
We are lacking in services and our internet was so slow that using technology in the classroom got very frustrating, and I felt that our students were at a big disadvantage.
TELUS is connecting Quebec’s Lower North Shore with high-speed internet.
When we got the high speed internet, it made teaching so much better. Technology really motivates them.
The Lu screen is a new technology with many teaching possibilities. With high-speed internet, a whole new world opened up to my students.

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